Tuesday, February 24, 2015

For the love of Dessert, Fiola Mare style!

I always planned on writing this post on my favorite desserts from Fiola Mare (it is about a year in the making), Valentine's Day 2015 cemented my need to write this post.

Our waitress for the day was Johanna, who was lovely for the whole meal.

Thanks to Johanna we enjoyed three amazing desserts (2 of which I had for the first time on that cold winter's day).

First was the amazing Warm Cinnamon Roll (figure 1), described on the menu as having a Vanilla Bean Glaze and served with a Brown Butter gelato.  This gooey, warm, sugary delight  evokes memories of a New England Christmas.

Figure 1. Warm Cinnamon Roll

Next, we enjoyed the Tahitian Vanilla Cake with maple, topped with Cranberries, and served with Vanilla gelato (figure 2).  This dessert popped in my mouth and brought back memories of a childhood summer birthday.

Figure 2. Tahitian Vanilla Cake
Not our first taste, the Bomboloni  (zeppoles, or fried Italian pastries), dusted with powdered sugar and served with a chocolate gelato (figure 3), remind me of my annual trip to the county fair with my dad as a child.

Figure 3. Bomboloni

Figure 4. Valentine's Day Delight

I have many other pictures of desserts that I have enjoyed over the years:
Figure 5. Spumone 

Figure 6.  Spumone 

Figure 7. My birthday surprise with gold leaf.

Figure 8. Neapolitan

Figure 9

Figure 10. Torta San Marcos with raspberry gelato

Figure 11. Torta San Marcos

Figure 11. Panna Cotta

Figure 13. Chocolate Bon Bons

Figure 14. Chocolate Bon Bons

Figure 15. Just for me

Finally Figure 15, was a special dessert whipped up for me thanks to Luca and Sara, the pastry chef.  Sara took a flour-less chocolate cake and topped it with warm caramel and gelato. Thanks to the both of them I was able to enjoy a nut-free treat (I have allergies).

I will of course have more and I enjoy my bi-weekly trips to this Georgetown gem.

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